Joining Together to Offer You More

I didn't experience the Nia "kick" the first few times I took classes. But then I did. And then I felt inspired, fantastic in my body, and ready to move and to activate all kinds of sleeping parts of my life. I wanted to keep on going to Nia class to keep happy and in action achieving my daily goals.

Nia brings renewal. It is not only a gratifying physical workout but also nourishment on the emotional and physical levels. With Nia you can restart your system. That is why it has been my goal as a Nia teacher to offer my students enough classes that they can reboot as often as they want - at least every couple days. 

This will soon become a reality. In June, MCE Studio will be moving to a new space not far from its present location by Ahrensburg Bahnhof. With more studio spaces, I have the opportunity to offer more classes.

And a new development has made it possible to not only offer you more classes, but to offer you renewal through a very different form of holistic movement as well. In September, my colleague Simone Deppe will join me to teach yoga, the natural complement to Nia. Together we will hold six weekly classes from Monday to Friday. This is a thrilling development for me. I very much look forward to working with Simone and reaping the benefits of yoga. I know that this development will deepen and enhance the practice of many participants.

Here are the courses planned to start in September.

Mondays 16.45 - 17.45   Nia Technique
Tuesdays 18.30 - 19.30   Nia Move I.T.
Wednesdays 8 - 9   Nia Technique
Wednesdays 17.45 - 19   Yoga
Thursdays 19.30 - 20.30   Nia Technique
Fridays 17.30 - 18.30   Nia/Yoga (1.+2. Freitag im Monat Nia, 3.+ 4. Freitag im Monat Yoga)

Everyone who has purchased classes through Nia Andrea can take part in any of the courses listed above.

We are presently planning several workshops and introductions to offer you a sense of what will come in our new classes. I'll keep you posted!



Nia Clothing

Clothing affects the way you move. Swishy pants encourage beautiful, round, smooth movements. A skirt that moves around your thighs will help you sense your hips. A top that complements your form and coloring brings out the beauty that is yours and yours only, and will give you more joy in individual expression. This is just what you want when it comes to dancing.

Here's a list of producers of Nia-wear in case any of you want to buy some pants, skirts or tops that enhance your movement and your beauty.

The first-stop shop for Germans and many others: Nipala. German design and made in Germany. They have a store in Eppendorf and are online. My experience is that the clothes last and last and last -- and that they feel great the whole time. The fabric is top quality, holds you well, colors are beautiful and they mix and match. Sizing is consistent. Any money you spend on Nipala is money well-spent.

Other online options are:

Soul of Jiva.
Swedish design made in China, offering great design and colors. Teams up well with Nipala. My experience has not been 100% positive with the line made out of lighter, shinier fabric. But the quality of the heavier fabric is very high and recommendable just as Nipala is. Also, like Nipala, Soul of Jiva has consistent sizing and and the owner Jonna offers good advice. So once you know what your size is, you can count on consistency.
Soul of Jiva offers free delivery but if you need to return anything, then you pay for the cost of shipping back to Sweden.

Some interesting American manufacturers:

Autumn Teneyl
Also offers very nice colorful fabrics and is also very p.c., meaning recycled and made in Colorado. Some of their pieces are really the spice that I love in my Nia wardrobe! (Think healthy, sexy cowgirl.) Sizing in pants can be tricky though. You have to pay for shipping.

Queen of Hearts
My experience: Beautiful designs (think fine-lined biker goddess). The fabric is very comfortable, light and cottony, but it doesn't stand up to stress like Nipala does.

Dervish Clothing
P.c., daring. Works with feninine curves. Nice fabric with high cotton content. I have one piece and my experience is that it doesn't hold its shape so, so well, but it is made of extremely comfortable fabric.

Another American company (no personal experience with them):

Foat Design
Politically correct yogawear- check out the pants! ;-)

... and last but not least, Israeli:

Body Talk
I've seen some Nia teachers wear these items day-in, day-out. So they must be okay! And there are some nice lines there! Prices are good, too. This is definitely a go-to address!


Don't Stop the Dance

Fridays. Weekend. Dancing. Letting go. Having fun. Doing something wierd. Being something beautiful. Getting down. Revving up. Loving dancing with who I'm with.

That's what I want. That's why we're doing Fridays. Not all Fridays, but, whenever possible, The First Friday of the Month. This is an experiment. You bring ideas, I bring ideas, I bring a playlist and a few moves, we take off our shoes and we dance. Maybe sometimes we all bring masks. Maybe sometimes we all bring top-hats. What we always bring is our bodies, our love of life and the thrill we feel in being with others.

Our first Friday is on November 4th. A Halloween Spin-off, with Magic as our theme. In December, GLOW. The list goes on... and all will be published under Playshops as the themes take shape.

Keep yourself informed, write to me with ideas, wishes and desires. And most importantly, come with you yourself and with the people you love to dance with.

Nia - Wäre das was für mich?

"Nia? Nie gehört. Wäre das was für mich?" Um diese zu beantworten gibt's seit dem Sommer immer wieder mal Schnuppermöglichkeiten. Zum einen, anderthalb stundigen Einführungen, die Einblicke in den Hauptkomponenten einer typische Niastunde, den Prinzipien, und die Praxis bieten, sowie eine anschliessende klassische Niastunde. Zum anderen, vier- bis achtwöchigen Schnupperkurse wo wir mit den Grund-Nia-Moves entspannt spielen und die wichtigste Prinzipien kennenlernen.

Schnupperabenden haben schon zweimal im Sommer stattgefunden. In 2016 findet ein weiterer Abend statt (wird unter Playshops bekannt gegeben).

Seit 21. September findet die erste, achtwöchige "Schnupperkurs" statt. Der nächste Kurs dieser Art fängt im März 2017 an (wird unter Classes bekannt gegeben).

Fall at MCE

The summer bloomed late. Between vacations, the few of us still at home--as well as out-of-town guests--met through July and August in varying constellation. Now that the summer season is over, we are settling into our new schedule: Mondays and Thursdays with Classic Nia at 16.30 and 19:45, and Tuesdays with the 52 Moves at 17:30. In the Classic Nia classes, we are presently returning to routines we have enjoyed dancing to in the past, enjoying the sense of the slow fade of summer. Soon we will start up some new choreography. The 52 Moves class on Tuesday is, as always, an hour when we practice RAW--Relaxed, Awake and Waiting--with sharpened intensity. It is an opportunity to find your personal edge and creativity. A new, limited course for fun and easy play with Nia elements began on Wednesday, September 21 and will extend into November.

The angle of the sun is special at this time of year. We have been able to dance in the falling dusk, with the final minutes of the cool-down verging on dark. In the MCE dance studio, with the view of the sky both right and left, it is almost like being on the top of the mountain at sunset. Soon when classes start night will have set in. One of our dancers has generously contributed a small lamp to enhance the atmosphere in the studio., and we will be well served with the warm light as the darkness grows.

To pick up on the themes and feelings of the year, I'll be launching a new monthly series: "Open Dancing" on the first Friday of every month. These Fridays will be open to all who wish to come, with payment at the door ("Unlimiteds" free). The evenings will be an opportunity to enjoy a special theme or feeling with 1.5 hours upwards of music which I will lead. There will be lots of space for free dance. The first of these Open Dancing Fridays will be on November 4th, "WE ARE MAGIC" -- a Halloween spinoff.

I have held two "Schnupperabende" recently and will continue to offer these opportunities to get to know Nia, some background information, the moves, and the most basic principles. An eight-week introductory class on Wednesdays at 18:30 has already begun. Both old and new students are taking the opportunity to dance basic moves at a relaxed pace with lots of repitition. The foci that I set in this course are those most basic to the Nia practice. I am also bringing these foci to all other courses simultaneously so that our whole community is moving in a common spirit.

New Course Schedule in September

New course times will be offered at MCE Studio starting in September, 2016. Fixed Classic-Nia course times are: Monday, 16.30-17.30; Wednesday, 18:30-19:30; and Thursday, 19:45-20:45. The 52-Moves workout will take place on Tuesday evenings. The time for this course is still open.

The new course schedule will be opened with a collaborative "playshop" on September 4th, 2016. Monika Weber will lead us through an experience of the 5 Stages, and Andrea von Wurmb will explore these elements as they appear in Modern, Jazz and Duncan dance forms in classic Nia choreography.

Nia at MCE Studio will continue to include special workshops and playshops focussing on parts of the body, healthful practices, and creative expression.