Nia Clothing

Clothing affects the way you move. Swishy pants encourage beautiful, round, smooth movements. A skirt that moves around your thighs will help you sense your hips. A top that complements your form and coloring brings out the beauty that is yours and yours only, and will give you more joy in individual expression. This is just what you want when it comes to dancing.

Here's a list of producers of Nia-wear in case any of you want to buy some pants, skirts or tops that enhance your movement and your beauty.

The first-stop shop for Germans and many others: Nipala. German design and made in Germany. They have a store in Eppendorf and are online. My experience is that the clothes last and last and last -- and that they feel great the whole time. The fabric is top quality, holds you well, colors are beautiful and they mix and match. Sizing is consistent. Any money you spend on Nipala is money well-spent.

Other online options are:

Soul of Jiva.
Swedish design made in China, offering great design and colors. Teams up well with Nipala. My experience has not been 100% positive with the line made out of lighter, shinier fabric. But the quality of the heavier fabric is very high and recommendable just as Nipala is. Also, like Nipala, Soul of Jiva has consistent sizing and and the owner Jonna offers good advice. So once you know what your size is, you can count on consistency.
Soul of Jiva offers free delivery but if you need to return anything, then you pay for the cost of shipping back to Sweden.

Some interesting American manufacturers:

Autumn Teneyl
Also offers very nice colorful fabrics and is also very p.c., meaning recycled and made in Colorado. Some of their pieces are really the spice that I love in my Nia wardrobe! (Think healthy, sexy cowgirl.) Sizing in pants can be tricky though. You have to pay for shipping.

Queen of Hearts
My experience: Beautiful designs (think fine-lined biker goddess). The fabric is very comfortable, light and cottony, but it doesn't stand up to stress like Nipala does.

Dervish Clothing
P.c., daring. Works with feninine curves. Nice fabric with high cotton content. I have one piece and my experience is that it doesn't hold its shape so, so well, but it is made of extremely comfortable fabric.

Another American company (no personal experience with them):

Foat Design
Politically correct yogawear- check out the pants! ;-)

... and last but not least, Israeli:

Body Talk
I've seen some Nia teachers wear these items day-in, day-out. So they must be okay! And there are some nice lines there! Prices are good, too. This is definitely a go-to address!